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*Latsis-Symposium "Intramolecular Dynamics, Symmetry and Spectroscopy"
6-10 September 2008, ETH Zurich

*3rd Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

The online registration and the site for submission of abstracts for the Latsis-Symposium
"Intramolecular Dynamics, Symmetry and Spectroscopy" will be open till July 15th 2008.

The goals of the symposium are:
?to review the theoretical and experimental developments in intramolecular dynamics and spectroscopy
?to establish new possibilities and directions for the future, in particular to address fundamental
questions in chemistry and physics
?to place fundamental studies in the context of a broad range of recent applications in astrophysics,
atmospheric chemistry, analytical chemistry, physics, medicine and biology.
The symposium will be devoted to the following themes:
?Molecular structure and dynamics
?High resolution spectroscopy
?Ab initio quantum chemistry
?Unimolecular and bimolecular reaction dynamics
?Modeselective chemistry
?Intramolecular vibrational energy redistribution (IVR)
?Symmetry selection rules in spectroscopy and molecular reactions
?Dynamics including parity violation
?Spectroscopy and astrophysics
?Spectroscopy and atmospheric chemistry
?Ultrafast dynamics in chemistry and biochemistry

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Beacon femtosecond fluorescence up-conversion (optical gating) spectrometer
Hatteras Ultrafast Transient Absorption Spectrometer

?Applications of spectroscopy in analytical chemistry

Alphabetic list of confirmed speakers:
?Berger Robert, FIAS, J. W. Goethe Universit鋞 Frankfurt
換uantum chemistry and the violation of fundamental symmetries?
?Boudon Vincent, Universit?de Bourgogne, Dijon
揚resent status and future prospects of methane spectroscopy for planetary applications?
?Carrington Tucker, Queen抯 University, Kingston
揅ombining the advantages of an iterative eigensolver and a contracted basis to compute energy
levels of CH5+ ?
?Crim Fleming F., University of Wisconsin, Madison
揤ibrational control of dissociation and isomerization in gases and liquids?
?Ernst Richard R., ETH Z黵ich
揊ourier transformation and spectroscopy, a symbiotic pair?
?Faubel Manfred, MPI f黵 Dynamik und Selbstorganisation, G鰐tingen
揚hotoelectron studies of protonation/deprotonation in aqueous solutions?
?Flaud JeanMarie, Laboratoire InterUniversitaire des Syst鑝es Atmosph閞iques, Cr閠eil
揑nfrared laboratory spectroscopy and satellite sensing measurements?
?Hippler Michael, University of Sheffield
換uantum chemical studies and vibrational spectroscopy of hydrogen bonded
molecules in the gas phase?
?Jortner Joshua, TelAviv University
揢ltrafast cluster dynamics in ultraintense laser fields?
?Klopper Willem M., Universit鋞 Karlsruhe
揝latertype geminals in molecular electronicstructure theory?
?Leutwyler Samuel, Universit鋞 Bern
揂ccurate structures of nonpolar molecules by femtosecond rotational Raman coherence spectroscopy?
?Lewerenz Marius, Universit?MarneLaVall閑
揇oped helium clusters: Random walks in imaginary and real time?
?Luckhaus David, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
揌ydrogen exchange tunnelling: Large curvature reaction path dynamics?
?Maier John P., Universit鋞 Basel
揈lectronic spectra of carbon chains and rings: Astrophysical relevance??
?M鋜k Tilmann, Universit鋞 Innsbruck
揕ow energy electron interaction with biomolecules: from gas to condensed phase ?from room
temperature to near absolute zero.?
?Marquardt Roberto, Universit?Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg
揗olecular quantum dynamics and molecular kinetics: Challenges and opportunities?
?Miller William H., University of California, Berkeley
揢sing the initial value representation of semiclassical theory to add quantum effects to classical
molecular dynamics simulations?
?Monti Oliver L. A., University of Arizona, Tucson
揑nterfacial structure and dynamics in molecular solar cells one molecule at a time?
?Oka Takeshi, University of Chicago
揝ome special intramolecular dynamics in protonated ions?
?Rizzo Thomas R., Ecole Polytechnique F閐閞ale de Lausanne
揗ultiple laser photofragment spectroscopy: From triatomics to helical peptides?
?Sauer Joachim, Humboldt Universit鋞 zu Berlin
揝tructure and reactivity of metal oxides: Gas phase clusters compared to solid catalysts?
?Schaefer (III) Henry F., University of Georgia, Athens
揕esions in DNA subunits: Foundational studies of molecular structures and energetics?
?Schwarz Helmut, Technische Universit鋞 Berlin
揕igand and cluster size effects in the metalmediated activation of methane: A cold approach to a
hot problem?
?Snels Marcel, Istituto di Scienze dell扐tmosfera e del Clima (ISAC), Roma
揅avity ring down spectroscopy on explosives?
?Suhm Martin, Universit鋞 G鰐tingen
揚laying with transient chirality in the gas phase?
?Thiel Walter, MPI f黵 Kohlenforschung, M黮heim an der Ruhr
揂b initio vibrationrotation spectroscopy?
?Troe J黵gen, MPI f黵 Biophysikalische Chemie, G鰐tingen
揂diabatic channel models in reaction dynamics?
?Tschumper Gregory S., University of Mississippi
揋enerating benchmark interaction energies for weakly bound non covalent
clusters with the 2body: many body multicentered QM:QM method?
?van den Bergh Hubert, Ecole Polytechnique F閐閞ale de Lausanne
揚hotonics in medicine: two examples from bench to bedside?
?von Ragu?Schleyer Paul, University of Georgia, Athens / Universit鋞 Erlangen N黵nberg
揇etermination of hydrocarbon cation structures in the gas phase?
?Zare Richard N., Stanford University
揂ll about molecular hydrogen?

For further informations we refer to the website of the conference (

We look forward to seeing you in Zurich in September!

With our best regards,

The organizing committee:

Fr閐閞ic Merkt
ETH Z黵ich
Laboratorium f黵 Physikalische Chemie
Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 10, 8093 Z黵ich, Switzerland

Georg Seyfang
ETH Z黵ich
Laboratorium f黵 Physikalische Chemie
Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 10, 8093 Z黵ich, Switzerland

Renato Zenobi
ETH Z黵ich
Laboratorium f黵 Organische Chemie
Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 10, 8093 Z黵ich, Switzerland