Del Mar Photonics now offers the micro-optics for the endoscopic, LD to fiber coupling applications. Our micro-optics are competitive in the market, and we have established the cooperation with many medical and industrial instrument maker all over the world.

We provide the customized optics according to your requirements. Please send us your drawing, and specifications for a custom quote.  Request a quote
Here is our ability:
Diameter: minimum 0.66mm;
Curved Radius: 0.6mm;
Optics Types: plano-plano windows, plano-convex lenses; plano-convex lenses; double-convex lenses; double-concave lenses; meniscus lenses, rod lenses; ball lenses; semi-ball lenses; cylindrical lenses; cylindrical rod; prisms.
Materials: BK7 glass; fused silica; sapphire; other customized optical glass also available;
Coating: multi-layer BBAR coating, single-layer AR coating, reflection coating is available.

Double Concave Lenses (0.66mm minimum)

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Semi-ball lenses

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Ball lenses (0.66mm minimum)

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Windows (0.66mm minimum)

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