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Resonant Frequency Doubler, model FD-SF-07

Unique FD-SF-07 doubler is the most efficient resonant frequency doubler for CW single-frequency lasers in the present market.

General description
?Resonant rigid cavity for high efficiency doubling of cw radiation, power-enhancement factor up to 130.
?Fast two-stage system of locking the cavity to the frequency of input radiation (Hansch-Couillaud polarization method).
Wavelength range, conversion efficiency
?Fundamental mirror set covering approximately 900-950 nm.
?Nonlinear crystal (LBO) for wavelength 922 nm fundamental.
?Conversion efficiency: > 20% at 1W input at 922 nm.
?Stable operation for fundamental pump power <2W.
Design features
?Crystal mount with temperature stabilization, lateral translation and phase matching adjustment.
?Enclosed cavity with nitrogen purge port, express-access to the alignment of the non-linear crystal through a special easily removable lid.
?Electronics module with user-adjustable servo control parameters, separate control photo-detector included into the standard set of the electronic unit.
?Automatic relock electronics.
?Input coupling optics, harmonic separation optics, and output beam-shaping optics (cylindrical lens).

Resonant Frequency Doubler, model 揊D-SF-07?
Wavelength range: 922 +/-5 nm
Conversion efficiency: > 20% at 1W input at 920 nm.
Automatic relock electronics, temperature stabilization of crystal, input coupling optics, harmonic separation optics, and output beam-shaping optics.

Price of the FD-SF-07 doubler with above mentioned specifications, including delivery, installation, teaching and 12-months warranty period:
47,950 USD.

Time of delivery: 12 weeks ARO.

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