Del Mar Photonics

Middle-Wave Infrared (MWIR) Camera

?Minimum resolution of 640 x 512 pixels
?Detector shall be 3-5 ?/font>m
?Flame filter
?Digitally record a least 200 frames per second for a minimum of 10 minutes
?Provide camera remote focus capability
?Provide the camera image measurement range from -50癋 to 1200癋 with at least 1癋 resolution (supply Neutral Density filter if required)
?Provide the camera image measurement range from 50癋 to 2400癋 with at least 2癋 resolution (supply Neutral Density filter if required)
?Ability for the camera to measure cold temperatures from ambient (70癋) to liquid nitrogen (-320癋)
?Ability to export time vs. temperature in user selectable units (癋, 癛, 癈, 癒)
?Ability to plot time vs. temperature (癋, 癛, 癈, 癒) while recording data
?Camera must have video out with temperature scale pallet.
?Ability to accept 2-4?lens, 20-22?lens, 40-45? 60-65?lens
?Ability to display temperature data in user selectable units while recording (癋, 癛, 癈, 癒)
?Ability of the recording/control computer to communicate with the camera through fiber optic or Cat5/6 cable
?Ability to time stamp recorded data with IRIG input
?Provide a ring buffer to record pre-trigger data
?Ability to trigger recording of data via a closed contact and/or TTL pulse
?The camera have the capability to be calibrated by the owner (not require factory calibration) and automatically drive the existing MSFC Mikron Black Body Sources.
?Provide Software Developer toolkit (SDK) or other software interface with permits (1) camera control, and (2) access to image and temperature data while recording and for post-processing, (3) camera calibration automation
?The camera must have a handle
?A case must be provided with wheels and extendable handle.
?Provide factory training for the camera and software (travel paid by customer)


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